If the thought of procurement software – Purchase to pay gives you the chills, you are most likely worrying about it being too complex – never fear! A reliable e-procurement system can help you run a business like a pro.

Procurement system of an enterprise has its own struggles. Around 28% of purchasing managers in the industry believe that there is a need to modify the current procurement model, which involves spending a good amount of time to monitor different aspects of purchasing. This often reduces the productivity level of the procurement manager. Good procurement software like WebReq can empower you to manage the procurement systems and run your business like a professional.

Many purchasing managers worry that a procurement management program is too complex and it will take much time to learn the new process – not to mention the errors and privacy concerns that might creep into the system. However, this is not true. WebReq procurement software – Purchase to pay is easy to use, robust and highly intuitive. Most importantly, it is not complicated to learn and all the required fields are properly labeled so that you don’t have difficulty understanding what data to put in. This minimizes errors and redundancies.

The top procurement software providers deliver a simple and comprehensive web-based procurement process that improves productivity and compliance to business standards for the entire organization. Typically, it encompasses all aspects of procurement management, including:

  • Inquiry on the status of purchase order
  • Automatically generating purchase order on requisition approval
  • Creating individual and unique IDs and categories for every product and vendor
  • Requisition and budget control
  • In-depth analysis of price fluctuations and lead times
  • Facilitates fast and easy auditing of all procurement documents
  • Integration to inventory, accounting and other software

WebReq procurement systems allow the purchasing manager to define infinite Requisition types, each having unique approval rules and routing paths. It also lets you define which type of purchase orders each user can raise or for what purpose the requisition can be raised. Such procurement software streamlines the purchasing process and also facilitates compliance by defining every user’s authority to approve purchase orders on the basis of budget constraint and approval limit per requisition type. It also lays which items can be purchased in general or per supplier, and which vendors can be used by each user. Effective management of the procurement system helps you to run your business more efficiently.

Conclusion: Manage your procurement systems efficiently and automate the processes with WebReq procurement software – Purchase to pay. Build more revenues and cash flows by running your business like a pro.