Expense Claims App

Expense Claims App

Help everyone manage their own Expense Claims via the Expense Claim app. The App handles coding, approval and reimbursement for work-related expenses in a simple, fast and efficient manner.

The Expense Claims app is available in 3 versions:

Exp Claim LiteExp ClaimWebReq Exp Claims
Runs Standalone and includes markings on exported reports that state it was created in the Free version.Runs Standalone.Integrated into WebReq Expense Claim module for completing and interfacing to your financial system.
All this for Free
Go on “Give it a Go!”
$10 per device.Please request pricing.
Try it. If you like it you can move to one of the other versions to get the extra features
use this app Forever Free !
The Entry level with the ability to get an expense report and get your expense data extracted without the markings that are on the free version report. Bring everyone’s claims together, automated approvals via smart phones and interface to financials so the expenses are automatically accounted for and employees paid.

We have applied to Apple to have this added to the App Store. We expect it to be available on or before 15 February 2019. Please let us know if you would like the Apple app before then and we will send it directly

To interface the WebReq Expense Claims App with your finance system ➟

 Enquire Here

Expense Claims App Features

FunctionsApp OnlyWebReq Expense Claims
Quick and easy to learn
Take and attach photos of receipts from within the app
Access to current and previous claims
The same system works on both Android and Apple phones
Able to upgrade without losing any information
Photos stored on the device and backed up via the cloud
Supports foreign currency transactions and automatically calculates reimbursement in local currency
Works off-line
Eliminates Paperwork
Email Expense Claim Report
Lock a claim (prevent further expenses being added to a claim)
Expense claim data extract from your mobile device via Excel
Allows fast reimbursement to employees
Bring everyone’s claims into one system
Manager approval and rejection of claims via email or on-line
Manage GST on claim lines
Enforces completion of required details for Corporate and Regulatory compliance e.g. for FBT reporting on Entertainment expenses
Mapping to Financials
Automated Interface to Financials

To interface the WebReq Expense Claims App with your finance system ➟ Enquire Here

For more information email us at sales@webreq.com.au.

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