WebReq Incidents

WebReq Incidents are used to record non financial information against a Purpose (Site or Job); a Supplier or supplied item (Purchase Order Line).

This highly versatile module allows you to use Incidents for any or all of the following:

  • Event management fault register
  • Tracking warranties against purchased items
  • Plant defect Management
  • Site Diary Notes
  • OH&S and Workers Compensation issues
  • Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Project Hand Over
  • Defect Notices
  • Delay Notices
  • Risk Management
  • Plant Scheduling to Client Jobs (Purposes)
  • Site Issues
  • Supplier Selection

One of the benefits of using Incidents is that a single Incident can include multiple Incident lines. Each line defines the appropriate corrective action to be taken by internal staff or the relevant supplier. Suppliers can be given access to review, act on and update their own incident lines.

WebReq allows you to configure an infinite number of Incident Types.
The fields displayed on the incident screen are defined per Incident Type. This allows you to specify the fields to be populated per Incident Type.

Irrespective of the number of Incident Types in use, each Incident is stored in a single list in a single database. A wide range of selection criteria is available to allow users to sort, filter, enquire and report on all incidents across the entire organisation (subject to security settings).

If required, WebReq can also be configured to automatically email reports to suppliers at regular intervals and/or to issue SMS or Pager communication.

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